Savoury Fresh Makery

enzyme-activated  organic supernaturals 

All YAH Makery ingredients are of the highest quality and are created from whole fruits, whole sprouted nuts & whole sprouted seeds (no pieces), raw (enzyme active), organic (gmo-free + herbicide/pesticide-free), gluten-free,  vegan (cruelty-free).


YAH-patty pack

Yogi Sattvic Patty 4-Pack
YAH Patty $20 /4 patty pack







A gourmet savoury burger creation with deep earthy flavours, mild herbal undertones.   

Organic Raw Whole Ingredients: enzyme activated nuts and seeds, fresh vegetables and fresh herbs.


FalYAHfals, $8/10 domes

These tasty globes add flavour and zest to any salad, wrap and pasta.  They are flavourfully mealy with a hint of heat, lots of savoury flavour both bold with undertones.

Organic Raw Whole Ingredients: whole sprouted nuts/seeds, fresh vegetables and fresh herbs.    



Yahnaisse:  $25/500ml  

It is so difficult not to just stick a spoon in the jar and keep eating it until the jar is empty. The flavour is both lemony and creamy with a subtle hint of sweetness. Use Yahnaisse to top any savoury or sweet foods that you want to add depth and smoothness to.  

Organic Raw Ingredients: whole nuts, citrus juice, Himilayan Salt 

YAH Corn Crisps

YAH Corn Crisps $6 / 75gr - .17lb







Peaches n' Cream sweet corn crispies.  

Made with organic raw whole sprouted seeds/nuts, whole fresh vegetables & whole fresh herbs.