Sweet Fresh Makery

enzyme-activated  organic supernaturals 

All YAH Makery ingredients are of the highest quality and are created from WHOLE fruits, WHOLE nuts & WHOLE seeds (no pieces), raw (enzyme active), organic (gmo-free + herbicide/pesticide-free), gluten-free (mucus-free),  vegan (cruelty-free).  

Bliss Power Disc

$6 each
$11 / 2 discs
$5 ea / 6 or more







This is the original YAH power disc that ignited the YAH Makery.  It is created for both the athlete and those that are simply busy and need body/mind fuel-to-go.  Also a great whole food for children as it has ample nutritional energy for all of their growing needs. Take a Bliss Power disc on the Grouse-Grind and improve your climbing time, take it camping as it is highly transportable, eat one before or after any indoor or outdoor physical training and sports activity ~  Be assured that if you are feeling lethargic, tired, lazy you won't be after you ingest one these SuperNatural Bliss Power Discs.

Organic Ingredients: whole and germinated organic nuts, seeds and fruits.   Packed with all 8 essential amino acids, whole vitamins, whole minerals, and enzyme action in each bite of the way.

Bliss Bites

Copyright image www.yahfoods.com
Bliss Bite ~ $4.50 ea
Copyright image www.yahfoods.com
Bliss Bite ~ 6 pack = $4 /each
Bliss Bite ~ 12+/ 3.50 ea








a POWer energy boost, a palate WOWser and an OM zone transporter.  

Packed with all 8 essential amino acids, whole vitamins, whole minerals, enzyme rich.

Organic Ingredients:  whole sprouted nuts + whole sprouted seed + whole fruits


Cacao Cream Roulade  + Coconut Vanilla Roulade

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Roll out your tongue for this tantalizing swirl. A blanket of cacao , coconut and crunchy filberts slather a thin seed roll to form this roulade.  Packaged as a complete roll ready for slicing and serving.  Wonderful for parties or a quick pick me up and go. 

COCaO Mint Bites


moist coconut, cacao and mint bites.  

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