SilverLeaf Product Line

We are honoured to be an official distributor of certified  organic Silver leaf ® products.
Let us introduce you to the Grower, Gerasimos Gatzelias, who aligns his love and passion
with all of the Silver leaf ®  foods he grows, selects and shares with us.

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GR-BIO-005 EU Agriculture 
HACCP Hygienic Standards

Silver leaf®  Black n' Green Olives

Tree-ripened water-cured Kalamon Black or Green Organic Greek Olives marinating in jars of raw cold-pressed olive oil.

These are simply THE BEST quality and tasting olives.

Silver leaf® Kalamon Black Olives  $15.00 / 350 gr

Silver leaf® Green Olives  $15.00 / 350 gr

Silver leaf®   Sun-dried Tomatoes











These tomatoes are harvested fully ripe and dried in the sun. After careful cropping and selection by hand we add our precious extra virgin olive oil, and herbs from the Taygetos and the Parnonas region ~ oregano, rosemary and laurel ~ resulting in the blossoming taste of a Greek summer.

$15.00/ 500 gr 

Country of Origin: Greece

Sizing: 500 grams, glass jar

Certified Organic Ingredients: sun-dried heirloom tomatoes, marinating in first pressed organic extra virgin olive oil, native herbs of oregano, rosemary, laurel and Mediterranean sun-dried sea salt. 

Silver leaf®  Extra Virgin Olive Oil

$25/375ml   $35/750ml

Winner of Taste Test - Life & Food, Toronto Star.  Top Culinary Artists agree:   "Silver Leaf" rated #1 in all categories, Best appearance, Best texture, and Best taste!!!

From the Finest olive groves on the hillsides of Sparta Mount Taygetos, Greece, Silver Leaf is pleased to present you with their authentic "SILVER LEAF" Extra Native Organic Olive Oil. This olive oil is distinguished for its natural taste that is only found in these organic fields in Greece. Our cultivation methods and the location of our mature olive groves accounts for its exceptional quality.

Our olive oil is First Pressed Cold Pressed. The oil presses are selected on a traditional basis, using millstones for crushing, and thinly woven bags for sifting. This avoids overheating the oil above 28° C-30° C  where vitamins and essential oils are destroyed if the oil is heated above 40°. This "Extra Virgin Organic Olive Oil" has a very low average acidity of 0.5, which makes it rich in vitamins, essential oils that give the oil such a smooth taste and aroma.

A daily consumption of Organic olive oil promotes a healthy life style. It lowers the risk of osteoporosis, breast cancer, reduces blood pressure, and indigestion. Olive oil contains no cholesterol and is comprised of mono-saturated fat, that helps reduce cardiovascular illness. Our "Award Winning" Organic Olive Oil has no cholesterol and is a good source of Vitamin A, C, & E.

Silver Leaf®  Balsamico + Grape Wine Vinegars


Balsamico $11 / 500ml            Wine Vinegar $8.50 / 500 ml

Silver leaf® organic balsamic vinegar is made from organic wine vinegar and organic concentrated grape must. It has a lingering and intense aroma with a good flavour balance of sweet and sour.  Its clear and bright dark brown colour appearance are indicators of the high quality of this organic balsamic vinegar.

Silver leaf®  organic wine vinegar is made from 100 % organic Cabernet Sauvignon grapes - free of additives and preservatives.  Through the aging process a full bodied flavour and aroma has been captured  with an acidity of  6 % >.

Coconut Oil / Butter - Enzyme Active!

2.25 litre pail   $135     

We could dedicate pages of words and studies that back this product. We stand behind the living quality of this oil. Our coconut oil is extracted in a hygienic certified organic facility at low temperature with no heat or hot water added to the process. Because it is alive, its enzymes are active and thereby bestow all of the living health benefits that the health and science practitioners speak of.  Truly a miraculous product!  

Health Benefits:  13-Evidence Based Medicinal Properties of Coconut Oil  Written by: Sayer Ji