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Food Fight Video



By: Earth Amplified
By: Earth Amplified

Warning:  its content is a bit graffic but not tastelessly so.

‘Food Fight’ video; food resistance movement crosses racial lines, black, white, Latino all fight for survival against the processed food death machine

Check out this music video  called “Food Fight” put together by Earth Amplified as it portrays the evils of a Fast Food Nation addicted to processed food, to be exact: the nutrient-depleted, overly-refined, pasteurized homogenized GMO-contaminated pesticide-sprayed food that is cunningly packaged and distributed by those to grow, produce, market and support it.

Conceived by Ashel Eldridge (aka Seasunz), founder of Earth Amplified, S.O.S. Juice and a spiritual activist, “Food Fight” is a message that needs to be blasted out across the world to reach into the minds and hearts of every citizen, every member of urban youth and every human being alive today, regardless of race or economic status.

Watch it here:
Food Fight Video by Seasunz

Join the fight with for food justice!

Eat Fresh, Eat Raw!!!!!!!!!

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